Print vs Digital: Why You Should Use Print Advertising

Print Ads Convert More Customers Believe it or not, print advertisements have a significant impact on converting prospects to customers. Nearly 80% of consumers act on direct printed mail advertisements compared to 45% of consumers that act on electronic advertisements. A Penn State study confirmed the power of print advertising by testing the memories of … Read more

What Is Direct Mail and Is It Right for Your Business?

Direct mail has significant advantages for the right business. Could it become a complementary part of your marketing strategy? Businesses of all sizes are always searching for innovative marketing strategies to elevate their business and to beat out their competitors. Recent growth trends have been linked to online marketing methods including SEO, Google Ads and … Read more

Five reasons why print should be part of your marketing strategy

Print is often overlooked by marketers as being obsolete and stuck in the past. But, print is actually a huge asset to marketers and should still be incorporated into their strategies. media update’s Emma Beavon shows you five reasons why saying ‘print is dead’ is fake news.Five reasons why print should be part of your … Read more

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